Earn money for watching videos

Earn Rs. 0.10 for every view that your video gets and earn Rs. 0.05 for every video that you watch on Indyarocks.

Rules for Video Views
The complete video must be watched for a view to be added.
Refreshing or watching the same video again and again will not add to the view count.
Embeding videos in other sites will also help you increase the view count for your videos.
Videos viewed through playlists will not account towards your earnings.
Payment terms
All the payments will be made in INR only.
All the payments will be sent to a bank account in India through electronic funds transfer only.
The earnings cycle will start on the 15th of every month and end on the 15th of the following month.
The minimum amount to be earned in order to receive a payment for each cycle is Rs. 300. If the earnings amount is less than Rs.300 that amount will be rolled over to the next cycle.
Eligible payments will be transferred within 15 days after the end of the cycle.
A user has 3 months time, from the point his/her account earnings touches the payment threshold of Rs. 300, in order to provide the address and bank information and receive a payment. Otherwise that cycle amount will be deducted from his total account earnings after 3 months.
Overseas users
You can still get benefited from the Video Earnings program by viewing and uploading videos. The only requirement is that you need to provide address and bank details in India to which we can send the payments.
Indyarocks reserves the right to change the rules and regulations as and when it wishes to do so.
Inappropriate usage of the Social Money feature will lead to cancellation of the earnings amount and may also result in account cancellation.

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Well this is a brand new opportunity for indians to make some easy free money. The site is called mGinger. It pays its member simply to receive SMS on their mobile phones. Yes thats absolutely true. They pay you not to read SMS but simply to receive SMS on your mobile phones.

You register on their site and provide your name, phone number, address and other details. They will send you SMS advertisements on your phone and pay you Rs. 0.20 (20 paise) for each message. You can set the number of messages you would

like per day (maximum is 10 so you need not worry about being bombarded with spam) and you can even set the time during which you would like the messages sent to you.

Also, friends of yours can sign up through your referral link and you will receive 10 paise for every ad they receive! And you will get 5 paise for ads received by friends of your friends.


mGinger.com pays you to read ads on your cellphone! These ads are only about your interests.
Not only that, you get to decide when you want these ads.

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How do you like the idea of getting paid to receive SMS? m-earn promises you just that !
These messages would only contain offer and discounts based on your own interests. You also get to decide the number of ads you receive and their delivery times.

  • When you selected the "Max. Number of ads per day" as 10 (or 7 or 5 etc), it is only your preference. It does not mean that you will surely get 10 ads every day. It only means that the maximum that you can ever get on a single day is 10. On some days you might not receive even a single ad, on others you might receive a few but not exceeding your preference.
  • mGinger doesn’t claim that it will send you any particular number of advertisements every day. Please understand that mGinger is just a medium. When advertisers come, you will get ads, when they don’t you will not get ads.
  • Please do not get carried away by the hype. Here is the reality: the money you will make from mGinger will in most cases for a long time not be much. The value of the service is not in the money you make directly from mGinger but in the valuable, relevant information that you get.

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  1. Three earning opportunity scheme - SMS, E-mail and Networking.

  2. Earn money from the SMS ads and email ads, sent to your friends and friend's friend.

  3. Earn equal amount at each network level, for both SMS and e-mail.

  4. Earn from adding your friends under you. Up to 2 levels.

  5. Check the advertisements at your own convenience. No more bombardment of advertisements.

  6. Receive discounts/coupons/offers of your interest in your inbox.

  7. Send free SMS (All Over India) and greeting cards.

  8. Special privilege and advantages to registered users.

  9. Receive advertisement of your preference & interest.

  10. Have a larger network and earn more.

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You Mint

How can you offer Free SMS when the rest of the world charges for it?
YouMint can offer you Free SMS because we get our advertisers to sponsor them for you. You can send SMS upto 80 characters long. The remainder is used by our advertisers to append their messages. The interesting thing is that the Ads that will get appended will be contextual in most cases :-) It could be quite cool! For example, if you sent a message to a friend asking them to meet for a coffee, you could actually see a Cafe Coffee Day advt displayed at the bottom - offering you a cool discount!

How can I make money on YouMint?
It is very simple. There are several ways you can make money on Youmint.

1) Introduce your friends and get paid when they join and when their friends join!

When you sign up at YouMint, you basically get an opportunity to introduce all your friends to this cool service, and get paid for it when they do sign up! And in turn when your friends sign up other friends you get paid again We will pay you Rs 0.50 each time a friend you referred signs up and Rs. 0.25 when your friend’s friend signs up.

YES! We actually pay you for getting friends signed up to this service!

So for example, if 20 of your friends sign up and then each of them sign up 20 friends each, you would be richer by 110 bucks straight away.( That’s (20 x 0.5) + (20 x 20 x 0.25)= 110)

2) Send Free SMS!

As a YouMint member, you can send Free SMS to your friends. You can send more Free SMSs to them if they are on YouMint as well! So go ahead and invite all your friends to YouMint so you can send them Free SMSs.

More Invites = More Free SMSs. The more people you have in your network the more Free SMSs you can send everyday.

3) Receive relevant SMS promos and receive money for each promo! Get paid for promos your friends and their friends receive as well!!

When you sign up with us, you will start receiving relevant promotional messages based on the number of messages you specify and the time you want to receive them. Each time you receive a message you will get paid for it! Whats more, you also get paid each time a referred friend and that friend’s friend gets a promotional message too.

Confused? OK, here’s how it works

- What you get each time you get a promo SMS – Rs 0.20
- What you get when a friend you referred get a promo – Rs 0.10
- What you get when a friend of the friend you referred gets a promo – Rs 0.05

So therefore, if you have lots of friends, who have a lot of friends, you could make a lot of money each time a promotion is done. Even if we send everyone 1 promo a day, you stand to earn Rs. 666 every month. OK, OK, here’s the math again

- What you make for receiving 1 promo a day for a month : 1 promo x 30 days x Rs.0.20 per promo = Rs 6
- What you make when a friend you referred gets a 1 promo a day for a month: 1 promo x 30 days x Rs.0.10 per promo x 20 friends = Rs 60
- What you make when a friend of a friend you referred gets 1 promo a day for a month : 1 promo x 30 days x Rs.0.05 per promo * 400 friends (assuming each of your twenty friends successfully referred 20 friends each)= Rs.600

So, Rs 6 + Rs 60+ Rs 600 adds up to a cool Rs 666!

So basically, you make enough to at least cover your mobile bill (and perhaps a coffee for us for coming up with this great idea!). If you are a poular person with lots of pals, you will make lots more. Else if you are the kind who walks around with the phone permanently attached to your ear, you better start making more friends so that you can cover that bill.

Why am I not receiving SMS promos? When do I start getting them?
Rome was not built in a day… and given that this is a new concept and a paradigm shift, it will take us time to get the wheels in motion. We have very large advertisers who have committed to advertise with us. We are now trying to increase our base of users so we can make this worth for our advertisers. However, we are offering you approx Rs. 900 worth of value in FREE SMSs every month. Additionally, you can make personalised wallpapers/screensavers too!

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